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Welcome to Pokétopia!


Welcome To #Poketopia

We are a group that strives to unite all
the Pokemon Battlers, Gamers, and Artists out there!

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For our Group Chat, go here - :#PoketopiaChat:

:bulletblack: To join simply click the "Join Our Group" Button near the top right! And don't worry, if you don't have wifi or a Pokemon game that lets you go on WIFI. feel free to still join!

:bulletred: To submit artwork after you have joined simply go into the Gallery section of our group and click the "submit art" button! and remember, it has to be something pokemon related!

:bulletyellow: And if you want to battle someone here, admin or not, just send them a note requesting a battle. not that hard is it?

If you have any questions about the
WIFI rules or anything else, please send us a note here at Pokétopia!

Thank you! :)

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Helloooooooooo Poketopia! This is DaemonBlitzkrieg here with an epic apology for not updating sooner due a mix of a non-stop work schedule and Sun&Moon's release (like every other Trainer out there!) :crying: However, even though the new group changes were meant for the 18th, no better time like the present. Here's a list for all these changes + an example for each folder to ease what goes where. (Note:  Any image used as an example on this journal were already accepted into the group, so please don't feel like I'm singling these out. I ty.)

--  The Gen 7 Folder is now completely official in Poketopia, meaning it must now follow the same rules as the other Generations folders & Free Submit time is over. Remember, Generations folders are Pokemon Only folders.

--  Submissions with Etsy links (and the like) will no longer be accepted into the Crafts & Cosplay folder. Selling and the promotion of Selling products solely belong in the Promotions folder.

--  Folder Name Changes: 

  -:bulletblack:-  Crafts & Cosplay  >>  Photography - Crafts, Cosplay.  This is one of the 1st folders that was brought to my attention that it was misunderstood what the main type of submission it showcases. Photography is the main submission type for this folder so may as well more...obvious/apparent/...noticeable? Idk.
  -:bulletorange:-  WIP - Sketches, Doodles, Lineart  >>  Doodles, Sketches, Lineart. Dropping the WIP part as it seems that's the only part deviants are giving attention to. As such, let's make it more clear:  Any, and I many any, image dubbed a Doodle, Sketch, or Lineart is basically considered unfinished, so they get their own folder so they won't be declined. Even though it must be stressed, this is by far not a bad thing as, instead of 2 a day, the submission limit is actually 5 a day for Members.
  -:bulletblue:-  Trainers - Original  >>  Trainers - Original, Teams. Another reason for frequent decline: No obvious spot for 'Team' submissions (even though it has been apart of the rules since forever). It is also the only Humans folder so lets keep that in min when submitting.

--  Recent Decline Reasons:  A notification of sorts to pay attention to when submitting.
  -:bulletblack:Drugs & Drug references are not acceptable.
  -:bulletblack:Mega Evolution & Primal Reversion is still considered Generation 6.
  -:bulletblack:Pixel Art have their own folder, not submitted into the Generations folders
  -:bulletblack:-  The Original Characters folder is a Pokemon Only folder.
  -:bulletblack:-  Humans are not accepted in any Generations folder, Trainers folder only.
  -:bulletblack:-  Submissions & Journals for Selling, Contests, and Commissions are all for the Promotions folder.
  -:bulletblack:-  If you really aren't sure where something goes, submit it to the Meme or Doodles folder. They are both technical 'Other' folders. Or you can still submit a Note.

Now enough of the negative stuff. Let's showoff some art!~

Generation 1:  471 by mandaIa  Mew by Forumsdackel  #Team Instinct by Signsoflifeonmars  Hood by ykeproblematenemos

Generation 2:  Furret by foxlett  Espeon Cackling Noises by Inika-Xeathis  Shake Ya Pom-Poms by Twime777  ::Gold and Silver:: by Mangostaa

Generation 3:  Grovyle - Hoenn Draw 'em all challenge by The-Spikey-Mouth  Stacked by Twime777  Big Wounded Arms by Yamashita-akaDoragon  Skitty, no!!! by KiwiBeagle

Generation 4:  Lopunny uses Focus Punch by PlatinaSena  Shinx by foxlett  Mismagius by GK-7  Chibi Pokemon - Shiny Riolu by TaylorTrap622

Generation 5:  7 by ShadNoir  Team by ZjeroXytz  Me Likes Caress by ChicoConSuArte  Snatch! by kuroeko

Generation 6:  Magical Fox by Inika-Xeathis  Mega Charizard Ex X Fanart by Gallardose  Revival of the Sheep - Mega Amphy by ShawnnL  Redraw#5 : SatoshiGekkouga again by GreatPeace

Generation 7:  Lycanroc ~ by andropov97  I like em big by Lexcitement  Popplio, Brionne and Primarina by Ilona-the-Sinister  PKMN- Decidueye by Quarbie

Mixed Gen:  Pokemon Sun, Team 1! by Miz-Jynx  Pokemon : Trick or Treat! by Sa-Dui  blue ice and red flames by PlatinaSena  Hang Ten by Volmise  Noodle soup by jeaimelafrance

Original Characters:  CM: Morning Charika by manatiki  Little Red Riding Hood and her...chicken? by tigersylveon    Flameclaw and Cody by ShinobiGrovyle  Group Shot by Inika-Xeathis

Gijinka:  + Happy Halloween + by AngedeCristal  Amy the Crabrawler Gijinka by Weirda-s-M-art  [Timelapse] Sparky : Jolteon Gijinka by Valuiss  ~Lampet Gijinka~ by Ayato-Inverse

Trainers:  Pokemon Sun and Moon by Gkenzo  Captain and Kahuna by Sangled  Trainer Lily by KiaCookie  off to a new adventure! by Kakity

Realistic:  Pink Eyed Fairy by Chiakiro  Alolan Ninetails by DragonDodo  RHYHORN GO! by Gad by Dreamgate-Gad  -Flygon- by arvalis

Unofficial:  LITTENS! by Seiishin  Lycanroc Variations by Venomouswolf  <da:thumb id="637652637"/>  Mawile and Alola Mawile by FenRox

Comics:  HaupiaxKeahi by tigersylveon  wHOOO are these owls by Weirda-s-M-art  Lovely Lessons Part 4 by PlatinaSena  SS HTKF, Shadow meets Nymphia by cretaceousisle  Shining C. Coming Ashore by cretaceousisle

Literature:  Pokemon Generations RBY - Chapter 1 by FullmentalFic  FanFic Pokemon (Fr) - Aura du temps : T2 Prologue
Tome 2 : Présentation <- Précédent  \ /  Suivant -> Tome 2 : Chapitre 1 (part 1/2)
Tome 1  :  Découvrir l'histoire depuis le début

« Aura du Temps »

Saison 1: Un subtil voyage

Tome 2 : Un lien particulier

  Era Chapter XXXV: Getting in Touch by Xander3000

Pixel Art & Sprites & Icons:  Goodra by Noscium  Glaceon by foxlett  Snowflake by Miss-Callie-Rose  Mightyena Icon by Haychel

Memes, Crossovers, Flash, Misc:  Alolan Raichu is Static Shock by MonkeySharkPro  I'm not a monster, I'm Mimikyu! by snowzahedghog  Lions in the Sky (with Diamonds?) by azyzl  Come Forth, Rayquaza! Grant me my Wish by snowyneko

Doodles, Sketches, Lineart:  Inktober #3 - Jolteon by BluHiroo  stream doodles by adorability  Lucario Page by beelzezlover  Tyranitar and cousins by Weirda-s-M-art

Scenery, Items, Interfaces:  Lavender Town Ending by Dragons-Roar  Laverre - A Rainy Day by FloweredUmbreon  Hoenn Stuff. by CarlosHL  Otto wants to battle! by HourglassHero

Photography:  Wanna see what destruction looks like? - Guzma cos by Hayato-X-Flame  Flareon with a Fire Stone by techn0vert  Iwanko/Rockruff Plush Pokemon by ArtesaniasIris  Pokemon ~ Steven Stone and Cynthia by Yamato-Leaphere

And that shall do it for this month's update. Will there be another before the year's over? Idk, we'll definitely be welcoming 2017 with open arms because 2016 just sucked...sooooooo much. :/

Please feel free to ask any additional questions about the changes below & hey, Sun & Moon has been out for over a week. Howz it treating ya? Feel free to discuss that as well!~ (Oh, and if any artist featured here wishes for me to take their image down, for reasons that are your own, I'll gladly oblige np. :))

Until next time, future Pokemon Masters!~

Original Rule Journal:  Submitting Art to Poketopia (updated Nov 28, 2016) (wow, its legit been a year :O_o:)
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